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Thanks for connecting with MailsSoftware and using the software and services. We are located in New Delhi, India for providing you best services.

With the software and services, you are accepting the conditions mentioned below. We are requesting to have a look with awareness before getting the services of us.

Using our Services

We make available tools and services for several fields and platforms so sometimes further terms or service requirements may be appropriate. Additional conditions will be furnished with the related tool or services and if you utilize the services or products then those words turn out to be a part of agreement with MailsSoftware

Don't use wrongly our Tools & Services: YYou can utilize legally MailsSoftware's products and services; if you misuse our any service or don’t fulfill our terms and conditions then we can stop or suspend our providing services to you.

About Software in our Services or Products

The software can update automatically on your machine when the products or services mandatory downloadable. If you want to claim for products update then it should be include with your purchase order.

Uses of Our Software/Service

Our company provides three types of licensed versions of every product which can be utilized for personally or business purpose with different features in every license.

To Temper or Change and conclude our services

We are always free to terminate our services at any time if we got you against our terms and policy. If you utilize our services for any type of illegal reason then you will be answerable for next step.

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