How to perform Eudora Mail to Outlook conversion process

To migrate from Eudora Mail to Outlook, you need to convert Eudora MBX file to Outlook PST file and for this, you need a Eudora to Outlook converter. MailsSoftware MBOX to PST converter converts the Eudora mail MBX file to PST format with ease. The software is easy and secure to use, you don't need any high IT knowledge to perform the conversion process.

  • Supports MBOX, MBX, and MBS Files in bulk mode.
  • Scans and shows the preview of Eudora MBX file.
  • Advance search and Filter option.
  • Easily migrate Eudora to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 1010, & earlier versions.
  • Provide a fully compatible PST file.
  • Support all Windows versions like 10, 7, XP, 8.1, 8, etc.
  • Provide a fully compatible & healthy UNICODE PST file.
  • Preserve the property of the Eudora MBX file.
  • 24*7 technical support & 30 days of money back Guaranty (T&C apply).


The manual method for the conversion is hard and not secure. So you need MailsSoftware MBOX to PST converter to make the conversion process easy and risk-free. This software is programmed with advanced machine learning so it works effectively and accurately.

Easy Process to Convert Eudora Mail to Outlook -

Here is the conversion process guideline for exporting Eudora MBX, by following these simple steps you can easily complete the conversion process.

  1. First download and install the full Active version of MailsSoftware MBOX to PST converter and open the software in your system.
  2. Now click on the Add File option.

  3. Select the Add MBOX file (Browse option) appears in the small window.

  4. Click on Browse Button and browse the Eudora MBOX file from your system >> press Next.

  5. Now you can see the complete Preview of your MBOX file in its original format with all its original properties. You can see all folders, all email inside folders and email messages.

  6. Now press the Export option right to the add file.

  7. A new window will open and ask you to Select Export Option, PST Conversion Option, and Destination Path

  8. You can choose any Export option available like PST, RFT, EML, EMLX, HTML, and MHTML. For converting from Eudora MBX to PST select the PST option.

  9. The next step is to provide the Destination Path >> click on Export Button.

  10. The Conversion process to convert Eudora mail to Outlook will start and finish in few seconds (depending upon the size of Eudora MBOX file).

After conversion your Eudora file will convert to Outlook file, now you can easily import the Eudora file in Outlook.

About Eudora Mail

Eudora Mail is a desktop-based Email client that is developed by an American software engineer Steve Dorner in 1988. Later it was acquired by Qualcomm in 1991. Eudora Mail is configured by using IMAP/POP and SMTP protocols. The data of Eudora Mail is saved in the MBOX file using .mbx (generally) extension at last.

Location of Eudora mail file in your system

POP Server: c:\user\username\AppData\Roaming\Qualcomm\Eudora

IMAP Server: c:\user\username\AppData\Roaming\Qualcomm\Eudora\IMAP\dominant

Note: Eudora Installation or setting provides to set save location as you want.

Operating Systems of Eudora Mail

Eudora Mail is made for using with Windows OS, Classis Mac OS, Mac OS X, and Linux Operating Systems.

Some useful Features of Eudora —

  • Has a free version to use.
  • It has a quick search option.
  • Users can use labels to organize their messages.
  • It can use for managing multiple POP and IMAP accounts.
  • Boss watch features can be used to avoid sending emails to the boss.

Last update of Eudora Mail

The last Qualcomm version of Eudora was and it was released in the way back 2006. Since then the company had made no updates to it. On the other hand, Microsoft makes regular updates to Outlook, that's why many people now days look for Exporting data from Eudora Mail to Outlook.

Reason for shifting to Outlook

  • Eudora fails to provide security to the data of users. Whereas Outlook provides the security of data to some extent.
  • Another reason is the interface of Outlook is simple and user-friendly whereas the interface of Eudora is not so user-friendly.
  • Outlook provides many other useful features in its and its regular updating make it favorite as against Eudora.
  • As you see the last update of Eudora was in 2006, this all makes Eudora an outdated Email client that why people are shifting towards MS Outlook.

Manual Method to convert Eudora MBOX to PST

The manual procedure to Migrate Eudora to Outlook is hard and not safe. The risk of losing important data is high in manual method, so I don't recommend you to go with this. But if you want to try a manual technique you can follow these steps -

The Manual Method is divided into two parts -

  1. Export Eudora Mail to Outlook Express.
  2. Import Outlook Express mailbox to MS Outlook.

» Export Eudora to Outlook Express.

  • Step1- Download and open Outlook Express Application in your system.
  • Step2- Now choose the File option and select the Import message option.
  • Step3- Then click on the Eudora Pro/Light option and hit the next button.
  • Step4- Navigate to the location where Eudora file is saved in your system - (C:\Documents and Settings\(local account name)\Application Data\Qualcomm\Eudora.)
  • Step5- Once you select the essential folder press the Next button.
  • Step6- Now close the Tab by clicking Finish Tab.

Here the first part to transfer Eudora Mail to Outlook is completed, now let's move to the second part.

» Import Outlook Express mailbox to MS Outlook.

  • Step1- Open the MS Outlook in your system.
  • Step2- Click on File tab on the upper left corner.
  • Step3- Select Import & Export option.
  • Step4- After that select Outlook Express 4.x, 5.x, 6.x and make sure that Import Address Book and Import Mail & checkboxes are selected.
  • Step5- Then Hit the Next button >> select folder you want to import in Outlook.
  • Step6- The last step is to click on Finish.

Following these steps, you can import data of Eudora to Outlook, but as you see that manual procedure for Eudora to PST conversion is lengthy and hard. Apart from this manual method, it has many drawbacks like it is not a risk-free method for conversion. So I recommend you to go with the Third-Party tool.

Frequently Asked Question for Eudora Mail to Outlook Conversion
You need Minimum 2.4 GHz Processor, 1 GB RAM, and Hard Drive of 20 MB Minimum to Install and run the software. The software supports all Windows versions like Windows 10, 8.0, 8.1, Win7 and Windows XP.
Yes, we care about every buyer's concern and want that every user will be fully satisfied before purchasing this tool to migrate Eudora to Outlook. So MailsSoftware has provided a FREE Demo Version. You can download the demo version from the website. Using the demo version you can see the complete preview of Eudora MBX file and also converts the first 20 items from all Folders of Eudora file. By trying the demo version you can test the software working.
Don't worry, this tool comes with 30 days money-back guarantee (T&C Apply). If you are not satisfied with its working then you can return this tool within 30 days after purchasing.
Yes, this software provides an option to search mails, in which you can search particular mail and then convert that mail with ease.
Yes, this MBOX exporter is programmed with advanced algorithms that help software to access damaged and corrupted Eudora files with no worry.
Yes, your Eudora file's original property will be preserved in converted PST file after Eudora to PST conversion.
The tool is priced at three licensed pack according to the need of every user –
  1. Personal Licensed Pack (1 user/licensed) $39
  2. Business Licensed Pack (50 users/licensed) $149
  3. Enterprise Licensed Pack (100 users/licensed) $299
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